Yogic rapping with The Guardian

Inspired by recent interview with Big Boi, I examine how rap and yoga are coming together for The Guardian…

Funkmaster flex: why rappers love yogawear


Rappers have never been shy of co-opting sportswear. From reversing baseball caps to Run DMC rapping about Adidas and Skepta’s new tracksuit-tastic Mains clothing line, clothes originally intended for leisure pursuits have found second lives as hip-hop status symbols. Snoop Dogg now insists on wearing the jersey of a local team – sport not specified – for every show he plays, while Outkast’s André 3000 demonstrated there are few limits to what works by appearing as a jockey for no discernible reason in the Hey Ya video. Now his bandmate, Big Boi, is elevating another type of leisure: yogawear….


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