Marshalling 6 Music’s peloton

Ahead of the climax of this year’s Tour de France, I was asked to raid the BBC archive and put together a selection featuring some of the host country’s best music makers, including Phoenix, Daft Punk, M83 and more…

6 Music’s Tour de France: Who’s in our musical peloton?

As the world’s greatest bike race approaches its conclusion, we celebrate some of the host country’s greatest music makers. This year’s Tour de France started in Düsseldorf, where Kraftwerk pulled focus with a gig and by designing a bike for German rider Tony Martin (although in the event Wales’ Geraint Thomas won the opening stage, so 1-0 to the Manic Street Preachers). To readdress the balance we’ve delved into our archives and created a musical peloton containing some of France’s greatest musicians. There are nine riders in a tour cycling team, so here are nine acts with nine clips worthy of the yellow jersey.

Read, watch and listen to all the selections on the BBC 6 Music website.

Plus don’t forget The Limiñanas! The duo weren’t in the archive but are among France’s most interesting music makers. Read my interview with them for MOJO.

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