Q Magazine – busy Boi!

Q have been keeping me on my toes, getting me to point my tape recorder at a very varied cast of late, including Craig David, Kasabian, Phoenix, Sleaford Mods, Phoenix, and George Ezra. The magazine do not post articles online (they don’t update their website any more as you’ll see if you follow any of my Q&As archived elsewhere on this site) because as a physical product sales are their priority. Naturally one respects that, so I’m unable to update my work for them (or MOJO too often), but I’m going to attempt post some ‘highlights’ over the coming months in the form of a few choice quotes. To kick me off here is a ‘Best in Show’ quote from the 10 Commandments feature I did with Outkast rapper Big Boi, who is also a licensed dog breeder…

… Commandment IV: Quality Over Quantity

I’ve got a license to breed Pit Bull dogs. I’ve always been an animal lover, so when I first got some money I invested in creating my own bloodline. That’s where quality over quantity comes in. Pit Bulls have a bad rep, but they’re the sweetest dogs. When there’s an issue it’s usually a Pit Bull mix, so I’m here to better the breed, promote the better traits. Do I do dog shows? Yes, the walking around the ring and all that. We won best in breed recently. What’s more competitive, dog shows or music awards? Dog shows! [laughs]


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