Going to Leonard’s house with Adam Cohen (Archive Podcast)

Several times I’ve been invited to attend a music conference/ festival in Montreal. A showcase for both up-and-coming and established Canadian acts, the M Pour Montreal line-up is always varied and ahead of the curve thanks to its programmer Mikey ‘Mikey’ Rishwain. In 2014 among the bill was a celebrated hometown son Adam Cohen, son of Leonard. I approached Adam for an interview – when in Montreal ask a Cohen – and he agreed to speak to me after the soundcheck for his gig that night… except after the warm-up Adam didn’t think his voice could take it so cancelled. Fair enough, the show must go on… until a couple of hours later when Adam felt able to talk and suggested I pop by his dad’s house in Montreal. As a fan of both Cohen’s this was something of the jackpot as I found myself – sans shoes, Adam’s dad would not appreciate it if I ruined his grandmother’s rug – sat at Leonard’s kitchen table discussing the “family business” with his son. You can listen to the interview with Adam Cohen – who with his film star looks and Cohen-esque speaking voice is possibly more of a potential ladies’ man than his father ever was – below. Although before that, one bit of trivial for Cohenologists: I arrived for the interview with Adam a bit early, so before heading in I walked around the block to keep warm in the sub-zero conditions. While trying to generate heat I noticed that the street at the top of the square where the Cohen House is found is called Rue Marie-Anne… after of Quebec farmer’s wife. Still perhaps it had a ring to it when Cohen Snr was house hunting.


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