Flexidiscs & Dog Man Star by Suede (Archive Podcast)

I vividly remember the release of Suede’s Dog Man Star because it was the last time I saw a Flexidisc. These thin sheets of plastic, which could be played once or maybe twice on a record player, were cover-mounted to magazine or posted out in the late 80s and early 90s… except they weren’t really the format never really caught on. I only ever saw two. The first featured David Bellamy talking about Madagascar and the second was the aforementioned Suede one which was taped to the front of the NME in in 1995. Once you’d cut off the correct corner – that was another quirk of the format, despite coming square you had to snip of a corner so it could spin freely which led to all sorts of mistakes – Brett Anderson’s voice could be heard discussing the band’s forthcoming album Dog Man Star in between snippets of the music. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album’s release I decided to make my own tribute to that Flexidisc and convinced Suede’s Mat Osman to talk me through Dog Man Star track-by-track. I think we out did the original because not only is ours 20 odd minutes long (and that was after my edit), but you can listen to it more than once… if you want.

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